Saturday, 21 October 2017

The explosion of Cornish Gin at Purely Cornish.

Cornish Gin has hit Purely Cornish by storm to become one of our best selling products, Cornish Gin first came to our notice in the March of 2014 just over 3 years ago when a regular customer came into the shop and asked for a bottle of Tarquin's Cornish Gin they thought it was made in the Padstow area somewhere!! and they had seen it in a magazine article, after some research I tracked the gin down to the Southwestern Distillery near Wadebridge and we received our first order of Cornish Gin on the 08/04/2014 since then our shelves have gone from one line of Cornish gin to 14, the latest to arrive at Purely Cornish is Grandad's Rhubarb Gin this is a Purely Cornish gin distilled by Atlantic Distillery near Newquay, using Grandad's own home grown Rhubarb to create Cornish perfection in a glass.
Grandad's Rhubarb Gin Arrival at Purely Cornish 20/10/2017
Tarquins Gin Arrival at Purely Cornish 08/04/2014
Elemental Gin Arrival at Purely Cornish 21/06/2014. We are also now stocking: Wrecking Coast - Produced in Tintagel. Stafford's Gin - Produced near Fowey. Fowey River Gin - Produced near Fowey. Curio Gin - Produced on the Lizard. Caspyn Gin - Produced near Penzance. Trevethan Gin - Produced in Saltash. Jynerva Organic Gin - Produced near Newquay.

Friday, 28 July 2017

New Cornish Beers for the Purely Cornish wall of beer.

At Purely Cornish we have been increasing our range of Cornish Ales and Lagers, with the help of Looe's own 'Fish Key Brewery', 'Harbour Brewery' from Bodmin and 'Wooden Hand Brewery from Truro who untapped some great new tastes for summer 2017.
'Fish Key Brewery' have added 'Red IPA' and 'Brew.T' to the collection. Red IPA 4.9% ABV is a pale ale that features toast malt characters, it has a balanced ruby red hue with a smooth dry finish. BREW.T 4.4% ABV Bottle Conditioned Brew.T has a strong character both in alcohol and hops, with a fresh aroma and intense bitterness making it a Fishkey classic.
'Harbour Brewery' have some great new beers. Daymer Extra Pale 3.8% Deliciously citrusy Extra Pale ale named after one of North Cornwall's most tranquil beaches, wit a Pine and lemon zest on the nose. Jellied citrus fruit and barley sugar on the palate. Finishes clean and dry with lemon and grapefruit. Little Rock IPA 6.3% An East coast style IPA, full malt body with Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo and Mosaic.
'Wooden Hand Brewery' has had a great new look for 2017 and added to to its list of fine ales.

Friday, 21 July 2017

New Product's for Summer 2017 at Purely Cornish Tarquins British Blackberry & SC Salt from the Isiles of Scilly

New at Purely Cornish for 2017
A celebration of the Cornish Blackberry, Tarquins Cornish gin is first distilled in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called,Tamara, Senara and Ferrgara. Then loving infused with the best and most brilliant berries around. Tarquin then add a touch of local Cornish Wildflower Honey for sweetness - the result is something really quite special.
SC Salt - Made on the Isles of Scilly St. Martin's SC Salt is simply made from the sea and the sun on the Isles of Scilly. Hand made Sea Salt from the crystal clear waters of St Martins Par in the Isles of Scilly.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cornish Edible Insects.

Food For Thought Edible Insects can be used in a huge variety of different culinary delights. from modern classics, to mind-blowing flavour combinations, there is truly something for everyone. Edible Insects can make innovative sides, fully-fledged dishes or conventional fare. Why Eat Insects ? 1. Insects could be the solution to world hunger 2. They are highly nutritious. Caterpillars, for example, provide more protein and more iron than the same quantity of minced beef. 3. Insects release fewer greenhouse gases than traditional livestock 4. They’re everywhere 5. They are natural and sustainable. Mealworms, for example, survive on waste wheat Why not give them a try